Seamless fuel operations

Provide a single source of real-time fuel and cost data for your entire airline.

End to end process for fuel operations

Unlock valuable data across the entire end to end fuel management process. Analyse consumption, spend and emissions.

Flight and Fuel
Data Collection

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Volume and Cost

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Make better decisions with more accurate data

Having up-to-date and accurate data on fuel prices, usage and spend is the key to effective fuel management for airlines. Yet it’s often a time-consuming and largely manual task, because of the multiple data sources involved — market indexes, flight tacking systems, airplane systems, fuel supplier systems — the frequency of updates, and the complex calculations required to convert fuel usage into costs.

Our cloud-based solution automates data capture and links the information gathered to relevant flight events, contracts and prices (already known by the system.)

What it allows you to do:

  • Monitor contract spend more accurately
  • Make better tankering and flight allocation decisions
  • Provide more accurate accruals for period closing
  • Forecast demand more precisely
  • Reduce overpayments.

Operations features

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Build your bespoke package

It’s a completely flexible suite of software so you can add the features you want and remove those you don’t. We can help you build the right package for your airline — we’re experts in fuel management as well as our solutions.

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Key benefits

  • Improves the accuracy and transparency of fuel and flight data
  • Reduces low-value, manual tasks like data capture and cleansing
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Provides in-depth reports and at-a-glance analytics.

How it works

FuelPlus Cloud drives efficiency in four key ways:

  • Provides a centralized, real-time flow of fuel data across teams
  • Automates data collection, routine tasks and communications
  • Uses IATA’s data standards to improve information exchange
  • Applies workflows to optimize processes and ensure compliance.