Streamlined logistics

Ensure you operate a ‘just-in-time’ inventory strategy and easily manage your complex supply chain scenarios.

End to end process for fuel logistics

Track the movement of your fuel through any number of supply systems.

Volume Requirements

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Tender Management

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Contract Management

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Inventory Management

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Supply Chain Management

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Resale Management

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Control costs and reduce risks

If your airline manages fuel storages, your Logistics team needs to ensure that just the right amount of fuel is available at any one time, to avoid shortages or over-supply.

This requires careful supply chain management and a timely flow of data between Flight Operations, Logistics and Fuel Management teams.

Our cloud-based solution helps you manage your fuel supply chains more easily.

What it can do:

  • Capture fuel movements throughout the supply chain
  • Forecast inventory levels using past supply/consumption patterns
  • Nominate suppliers for deliveries and transportation, using the inventory projection and data from Contracts
  • Calculate the value of fuel inventories
  • Manage contracts associated with logistics and storage.

Logistics features

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Build your bespoke package

It’s a completely flexible suite of software so you can add the features you want and remove those you don’t. We can help you build the right package for your airline — we’re experts in fuel management as well as our solutions.

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Key benefits

  • Tracks where fuel is at any one time
  • Provides accurate inventory forecasts, actual levels and accruals
  • Optimizes your self-supply strategy (‘just-in-time’)
  • Reduce liabilities and improves cashflow
  • Provides in-depth reports and at-a-glance analytics.

How it works

FuelPlus Cloud drives efficiency in four key ways:

  • Provides a centralized, real-time flow of fuel data across teams
  • Automates data collection, routine tasks and communications
  • Uses IATA’s data standards to improve information exchange
  • Applies workflows to optimize processes and ensure compliance.