Control your
airport costs

Track and manage airport charges more easily, alongside your fuel and navigation costs.


Powerful, proven and flexible

Increase your productivity, save money and free-up resources. Trusted by over 60 leading airlines, this platform will streamline and automate many of your fuel management processes and help you control airport and navigation costs too. Plus it’s got all the benefits of any Software as a Service (SaaS) including 24/7 availability, flexibility and scalability.



All flight-related expenditure, in one solution

Most airlines carefully track their fuel spending, but what about other flight-related costs?

It’s been estimated that airport and navigation fees make up 6­–10% of a passenger’s ticket price, so it makes good business sense to tightly control these non-fuel costs too. Our Cloud-based software for airport charges helps you do this easily.

This means you can get a complete picture of all flight-related costs from one solution.


What it can do

  • Automate the import, processing and reporting of data for events such as landing, take-off, parking, lighting and taxes
  • Perform calculations based on complex pricing formulas (aircraft weight, time of day etc.) so that costs can be accurately forecasted
  • Set up multiple contracts for each location and track spend on these contracts
  • Automatically verify invoices and alert you to discrepancies.

Features for airport charges

Key benefits

  • Provides a single source of real-time data for all flight-related costs
  • Improves accuracy, which reduces disputes and overpayments
  • Eliminates low-value, manual tasks like data capture and cleansing
  • Provides full transparency: in-depth reports and at-a-glance analytics.

About us

Since 2000, FuelPlus has been helping airlines get the edge with smarter fuel management. That focus has enabled us to build the most complete, powerful and user-friendly solution in the industry which is used by over 65 airlines around the world. We’ve recently widened our feature set to include the management of non-fuel costs like navigation and airport charges.

Michael Charalambous Michael Charalambous
VP Commercial

Build your bespoke package

FuelPlus Cloud is a completely flexible suite of software so you can add the features you want and remove those you don’t. We can help you build the right package for your airline — we’re experts in fuel and cost management as well as our solutions.

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