Collaboration Services

Quickly exchange critical fuel data and documents with your partners


Unique to the industry

FuelPlus Cloud Collaboration Services are unique to the industry, enabling airlines and fuel suppliers to exchange fuel data automatically for a faster, greener, and more efficient fuel management process. At the moment, our Collaboration Services enable you to digitally exchange fuel tickets, invoices and fuel tenders/bids.




Benefits to airlines

  • Increased productivity
  • More accurate data
  • Fewer mistakes or overpayments
  • Faster processing and payment cycles
  • Increased compliance

Benefits to suppliers

  • Faster payments
  • Fewer disputes
  • Increased productivity
  • Better customer relationships

The individual tools


Using IATA’s data standards, eTickets streamlines the transfer of electronic fuel transactions between all parties involved in the deal: suppliers, resellers, IPL agents, and airlines. It speeds up the transmission of data, reduces errors and disputes, and increases productivity.

If you use eTickets alongside other FuelPlus feature sets, including Operations and Contracts, the system can also consolidate and verify your data for you, driving yet more efficiencies.

Solutions for operations teams


This tool will capture your supplier’s electronic invoices, check them against the IATA standardized XML format, and provide automated feedback. You will automatically know when an invoice has been sent and successfully transmitted to your system.

If you use eInvoice alongside other FuelPlus feature sets, including Operations and Contracts, the system can also verify your invoices for you, saving you time and preventing overpayments.

Solutions for finance teams


eTender enables you to run faster tenders with less admin and find better deals. Using the IATA XML tender/bid standard, this tool automates the exchange of all tender communications and data between airlines and fuel suppliers — from the tender invitation all the way through to the awarding and declining of bids. It can also normalize and rank bids for you, saving you time and reducing errors.

Solutions for procurement

A single point of integration

Our Collaboration Services connect business partners using IATA’s data standards and modern technologies such as APIs and web services. Airlines and suppliers need to create a FuelPlus Cloud account, subscribe to the services they want — eTickets, eInvoice, eTender — and configure their account once so it works with their in-house system.

Your IT team won’t need to set up and maintain custom integrations with multiple partners anymore.

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