Capture and connect data from your other systems more easily



A single source of real-time data

FuelPlus Cloud overcomes the number one problem for all fuel management teams: it provides a single source of real-time fuel data. Using pre-built integration points and industry standards like IATA, SSIM and IATA XML, it can automatically capture data from all parts of the airline and beyond — including procurement, operations, finance and even suppliers.

We’ve designed it in a way that allows non-technical users to easily join these large datasets from multiple sources, and create one neat and centralized repository of all fuel data – no scripting is required, no expensive hardware, and little-to-no help from IT.



Out-of-the-box integrations

FuelPlus Cloud is already set up to receive data imports from internal sources such as your:

  • Flight operations control system
  • Flight scheduling system
  • Flight planning system
  • ACARS ground host
  • Departure control systems
  • Flight data management systems
  • Electronic flight bag provider.

You can also import data from external sources such as:

  • Jet fuel tickets in these standards: IATA fuel transaction or
  • Flat and multiple file formats from IPL system operators.

The system enables you to then export data to your other systems, such as accounting documents and period closing documents.

Custom integrations

FuelPlus Cloud integrates with most major airline systems but if required, we can develop custom integrations for you, using our proven and agile development process.


Data Sheet

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